Delivering 3D Revit Model and DWG drawings with a measured building survey

Location: Green Academy Trust, St. Peter’s Street, Nottingham

About project

Nottingham Measured Survey has recently completed a project, successfully delivering a measured building survey, DWG drawings, and 3D REVIT model in LOD3 of 2 commercial buildings. The purpose of the survey was a development project.


The client asked for extracted survey drawings of the BIM/REVIT model. Different types of drawings were produced as a result of the measured building survey:

  • Floor Plans
  • Roof Plans including loft and roof voids
  • External Elevations

All survey plans were aligned to the Ordnance Survey grid and all drawings were plotted to a level of detail and accuracy consistent with the client’s requirements.

All drawings were delivered digitally in 2D AutoCAD DWG format along with Adobe PDF

Challenges of the projects

To provide the most accurate and detailed survey data possible, we use the latest technology laser scanners on site which can capture everything within a 150-meter radius. The surveyor on site made sure that obstacles in the way of the laser were moved and that data is captured correctly.

For the Green Academy Trust measured building survey, the client requested to get an extra measurement of the ceiling height. To do this, suspended ceiling tiles were removed in the building to be able to access the voids above the ceilings once our team is on-site.

Our surveyors always make sure they go the extra mile to deliver highly detailed and accurate data as possible.

As-built drawings

Nottingham Measured Survey delivers different types of as-built plans:

  • Floor Plans
  • External Elevations
  • Sections
  • Roof Plans

We use the latest laser scanners technology, topographical equipment, and drones when required. Our as-built drawings are prepared to the highest industry standards with a level of detail + / – 1 mm accuracy.

Do you require a measured building survey for your project?

Our team specializes in measured building surveys for different types of projects, of any scale, and complexity. If you have a project in mind, please feel free to contact us for a free quote. We aim to deliver quotes within one day and are always happy to reply to all your questions. Trust us to provide you with excellent results.