How 3D Laser Scanning Can Help You Save Costs and Time

How 3D Laser Scanning Can Help You Save Time and Cost

Today, 3D laser scanning is popularly used in different applications across almost all industries. The said service being offered by Nottingham Measured Survey is making waves in construction, reverse engineering medical, transportation, forensics, and many other fields.

3D laser scanning eliminates human error and reworks which accounts for 15% of most total construction costs. 3D laser scanning technology creates a precise 3D model of a building, surface, or object which is later used in different applications for project efficiency.

3D laser scanning does not only come in handy when it comes to effective working results but also in terms of saving costs.

Here are the reasons why this technology will contractors and construction specialists save time and money.

Can 3D Laser Scanning Help You Save Money?

Yes. And below are the quick summary points:

  • 3D laser scanning allows quicker data collection on site
  • It aids in delivering projects on time
  • This technology reduces the cost of repairs during the project cycle

Lower Project Costs and On-Time Delivery

Scans produced by 3D laser scanners can be used to come up with more accurate plans reducing the risks of errors. With improved accuracy, construction companies are not only providing effective working approaches but also making more profit. With lesser mistakes, contractors can greatly reduce their overhead and procurement of materials during reworks.
3D laser scanning services from Nottingham Measured Survey can be used at pre-construction, during construction, and post-construction phases of every project. Before the project is started, team members can start conducting laser scans on the site, surrounding, or at the existing structure that needs to be remodelled, renovated, or expanded.

Doing so will allow the parties involved to come up with better plans fitting to the site’s location as well as potential environmental challenges.

The use of 3D laser scanning technology also allows construction companies to conduct another set of scans while construction is in progress to ensure that the quality is at par with the industry standards.

Nottingham Measured Survey’s use of advanced laser scanning data and software will help quicken every aspect of the build. These 3D scans can be shared in one drive where contractors, construction managers, and stakeholders can access and have a real time view of the build process at the same time see flaws of the project.

The use of 3D laser scanning allows construction experts to determine whether vital installations are properly installed like plumbing and HVAC systems. This will not only address issues on time, but then again save you on project costs for material wastage, time, and extended work hours because problems are fixed before they become monumental. This also allows contractors to improve.

Incorporating 3D laser scanning technology is not just useful in the designing and planning part of the project. The set of scanned data, information, and records from surveying in construction can be used throughout the life span of the building.

Utilising these data aids in maintaining effective working practices particularly in property management, building maintenance, and future renovations. Besides, this adds value to the property while making your clients happy knowing that the contractor can provide continuous support services through these 3-dimensional data.

How 3D Scanned Data Can Be Used?

Collected data are used to provide architects, engineers, and designers with 2D CAD drawings or 3D BIM models. But usage and application are dependent on how the client wants to take advantage of the data.

All captured information is stored in point cloud which can be easily accessed anytime and anywhere. The accessibility allows quick and efficient communication between stakeholders without having to be on site to gather information. This way, the exchange of ideas can be done virtually, hassle-free, and another time-saving opportunity.

What Can Be Scanned?

Anything that already exists like surfaces, spaces, or buildings can be scanned as long as there is access available regardless of the size and location.

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