What Do You Need to Know About Measured Building Surveys?

What Do You Need to Know About Measured Building Surveys?

These days, you can’t go into a construction or engineering project without doing a measured building survey. While traditional surveying methods took time, money and effort, a measured building survey service has made the process a lot easier using a combination of technology and modern methods that allow for more accurate measurements of just about any part of a structure.

But what exactly is a measured building survey and how can you benefit from it?
A measured building survey service is essentially the process of taking the right measurements of a building or structure using 3D laser scanning Nottingham practices and technology.

Data is then rendered through the 3D point cloud, allowing to create deliverables such as as-built 2D plans and 3D models. When you use traditional surveying methods, you won’t have access to every nook and cranny of the structure, making your measurement less efficient.
But when you work with a measured building survey company, you don’t only get to measure the floor plan of your building, but you also get a better understanding of the structure, guaranteeing the most accurate measurements. With measured building survey, you can get:

  • Floor plans. Whether it’s a small house or a huge building complex, a measured building survey company is able to provide you with a detailed floor plan of your structure. Using top quality survey equipment, you can get accurate measurements of a building’s layout that can go as detailed from the point cloud survey as you would like it to be.
  • Cross sections. With a measured building survey, you get to produce a cross section plan of your structure, allowing you to see everything along the cut-line and gather measurements that are needed for design.
  • Elevations. With the help of a 3D laser scanning Nottingham company, you can get a better appreciation of your building through elevation drawings, internal or external.
    You can either request for the basic layout of windows, doors and walls or go as extensive as including electrical sockets, switches and all other fixtures.
  • Reflected Ceiling plans. Whether it’s soffits, grids, bulkheads and even electrical fixtures, you have the ability to produce very detailed ceiling plans taken from the measured building survey, and include all features with compose the structure of the site.
  • 3D BIM Models. Creating 3D BIM Models allows the optimisation and performance of a site or building project to improve through realistic models. Allow better coordination and communication through an accessible solution where you receive a realistic representation of your building in a digital model.

When do you need a measured building survey?

In most cases, a measured building survey service is done if you are looking to extend an existing property, completely redevelop it or need plans and documents for backup. With this method, you’ll have all the details that you need in the format of floor plans, cross sections and internal and external elevations.

When translated into as built 2D AutoCAD drawings, you’ll get a better perspective of the architectural details of your property from space to scale, which will help you decide on the right additions to invest on for this structure.

It also serves as your guide for furnishing a space when it’s fully renovated because you get a better view of the layout and perspectives of the property.

What’s used in doing measured building surveys?

Doing measured building surveys is now a lot easier than it was before, thanks mostly for 3D laser scanning technology, which creates a cost -effective and time saving complete solution for all professionals such as architects, designers, engineers and facility managers.

The cost of hiring a measured building survey Nottingham company will actually depend on the level of detail that you’d want and the complexity of information that you need for your project.

When working with an excellent 3D laser scanning service, you can guarantee that you’ll get accurate representations of your structure so you can easily make the necessary changes to it.

The takeaway

Measured building survey has definitely made a huge impact on engineering and architecture over the last few years and it continues to evolve to serve a bigger and more diverse clientele.

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