The Principles and Benefits of a Topographical Survey

Everything you need to know about a Topographical Survey

A topographical survey, also known as land survey, is an accurate determination of all the site features, measuring their topographies. The survey depicts all the natural and manmade features as well as their levels. For an accurate survey service, an extensive topographical survey should be conducted by a professional surveyor to guarantee accuracy and an elaborate report at the end of the survey. Rely on our experienced surveyors for detailed and accurate topographical survey drawings to assist engineers, architects, contractors, and developers with their construction works. We will visit you site to determine its scope, terrain characteristics and the required coordinate system to enable us to choose appropriate surveying equipment. Receive your required level of detail from our topographical surveys using the latest 3D laser scanning technology and equipment, such as laser scanners, GPS, and total stations, and more.

The top Principles of a Topographical Survey

  • Boundaries: Boundary surveying is a crucial component of a topographical survey, even though it forms the major part of a cadastral survey. A boundary survey is essential for easy management of collected points, as the survey ensures that the collected data can be spatially located. During the survey process, these boundaries will be depicted by the field boundary of the area under survey, and have to be recorded soon after instrument orientation.
  • Features: A survey process must take into account the features found on the area to be surveyed. The features include (and not limited to) archaeological sites, buildings, heritage structures, and more. However, these features must not form part of the final topographical survey report. A general principle recommends that the coordinates and levels related to such features are recorded, although kept separate and assigned unique identifications.
  • Reference Datum: If possible, it is recommended that the topo points are referenced to a given set up OS, rather than some subjective grid or vertical reference framework.

Why should you Request a Topographical Survey Service from Nottingham Measured Survey?

Topographical surveys are crucial tools that enable understanding of our environment. The survey process is undisputedly an integral part of our roads, canals, and railways. You should request for a topographical survey from a professional measured surveyor and have a comprehensive and clear picture of your building or plot of land. This will help you prevent costly mistakes and delays down the construction line. We use the latest laser scanning tools, capturing detailed data with pinpoint accuracy.

If you are looking to initiate a construction, development, or purchase of a plot of land, you need a topographical survey to enhance your understanding of the land around and under you. Nottingham Measured Survey provides such accurate topographical survey services that will help with the efficiency and durability of a construction project.

We provide a highly detailed survey report through format of as-built 2D drawings or 3D models, with information of any objects that could delay a construction project, if they were to be identified down the construction line. It thus lowers any potential costs on an ongoing construction.

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