3D BIM Model Service

3D BIM Models

Obtain a full detailed and photo-realistic 3D BIM Model of your building site within Nottingham through our range of services. We produce ideal models to increase the management and performance of your project and track your project without the hassle of continually visiting.

Why this service?

Improve Management

3D BIM Models have proven to be exceptionally beneficial when tracking the progress of your building site, as well as optimising the performance of your project.

Competitive Price

Save the time and money of travelling to your project site through 3D BIM Modelling. Access a product which is realistically representing your building and work from there.

Detailed Outcome

The technology and Revit software we use ensures a wonderfully detailed model which can be accessed in any format upon your request.

Friendly Professionals

Our experienced professionals are friendly and attentive if any queries arise. Our knowledge and experience in 3D Laser scanning ensure you are left up-to-date about your project.

Nottingham’s Finest BIM Model

Allow the best possible solution to completing a successful building project through our 3D BIM Modelling service. Using our knowledge and experience, we will conduct a beneficial solution to you and your working team, allowing a platform for better collaboration and tracking.

Ready 3D Laser Scanning Services

Our range of 3D Laser Scanning services is ready to be used and requested by all professionals. Receive 3D BIM Models through Point Cloud, which is obtained by a Measured Building Survey. We organise everything, so you are satisfied with the final product.


BIM Models upon request

Contact Nottingham Measured Survey for your 3D BIM Revit Models today. Our leading 3D Laser Scanning company Nottingham is always available.