As-built 2D Drawings

As-build 2D Plans & Drawings

Looking for circumstantial and detailed as-built 2D plans? Do you require floor plans, elevations and cross-section to proceed with a project? Nottingham Measured Survey provide you with detailed drawings as soon as possible.

What do we offer?

Genuine Data

What you see, and we see from viewing and scanning your building is projected correctly and realistically to actionable data in physical form.

Prompt Process

It is simple to obtain 2D floor plans and measured survey drawings. Our team provides you with quick and easy service to ensure you are content.

Reliable Software

Our as-built 2D Drawings are processed through Autodesk AutoCAD software. Clash detection is automated to ensure there is no error within your requested plans.

Experienced Technicians

Nottingham Measured Survey is assembled with highly professional experts with years of experience in producing floor plans, elevations and cross-sections.

Floor Plans, Elevations and Cross-sections

Our 3D laser scanning company provide you with any plan you need with the level of detail required to your project. Our software is reliable and up-to-date, so we translate your measured building survey scans to excellent tangible data with as-built drawings.

Request plans from Nottingham Measured Survey

Our process is simple. You request a measured survey in Nottingham, exploring all features and factors required, and we translate quality 3D Point Cloud data into as-built 2D Drawings with AutoCAD software. Our 3D Laser scanning services will satisfy you and your team, as we complete successful projects.


Data to Plans

Call us today if you require as-built 2D plans of your building site or home project. If you are an interior designer looking for some floor plans, or a property manager requested elevations and cross-sections, we deliver it all!