Drone Survey Services

Excellent Drone Survey Service

Nottingham Measured Survey is here to restore your hope. Even with the most complicated to access areas or higher spaces, we provide drone surveying to complete your survey and transform collected data into a point cloud and as-built 2D drawings. No project is too complex or complicated to survey!

Why so beneficial?

No restrictions

As explained, this service is ideal and dedicated for any building projects with limited access and a simple solution to inspect your building’s roof.

Reliable Capture

Our drone is reliable and captures excellent quality through aerial images for 3D aerial mapping purposes. The model we use for 3D surveys is DJI Phantom 4 Pro.

Undeniable Detail

Through this method of surveying, we can create complete as-built plans and 3D Model results which are detailed and showcase accurate.

Manage Cost

With a drone survey in Nottingham, you can eliminate additional costs in time and manual labour when achieving complicated survey scans.

Drone Survey Available in Nottingham

For our drone surveys, our 3D Laser scanning professionals use UAV equipment and photogrammetry software to create a full survey through 3D Point cloud, Orthomosaic or another 3D model file. Our process is reliable and affordable for every building project required.

3D Laser Scanning Professionals

We are 3D laser scanning professionals who are passionate and experienced in what we do to achieve the best results for our clients. Let us assist and assess the best turnkey solution for your project to provide you with high-standard as-built plans, point cloud and 3D Models.


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