Large Scale 3D Laser Scanning Service

Large Scale 3D Laser Scanning

Do you require mobile laser scanning for a large-scale space and area in Nottingham? Our 3D laser scanning company offers an alternative for measured building survey through a reliable and cost-effective service to create the plans and models required.

Why portable scanning?

Great Alternative

Believe you have a project which is straightforward and doesn’t require the complete measured survey? Mobile laser scanner is the quick and affordable solution to complete your project.

Quick Data

Receive quick registration and processed data through our handheld laser scanner. Data is collected and viewed on site with our trustworthy equipment.

Thorough Scanning

Our surveyor is guaranteed to catch every angle, corner and surface within your large scale space and site. We are trained to survey spaces thoroughly and accurately.

Trusted Plans

Receive as-built 2D drawings from your large scale scanning service and collected 3D point cloud data.

Nottingham Measured Survey’s Handheld solutions

Find a trusted 3D Laser scanning service which will detect all interior features including boundaries, substances, levels and angles to document detailed measurement of your large-scale space. Complete your architectural and construction project swiftly using this method.

Large Scale Scanning Results

Obtain immaculate documentation of your large-scale scan and allow us to use well-known software such as AutoCAD and Revit to produce your as-built 2D plans and 3D BIM Models. Receive accurate plans as you would through the measured survey. Our portable laser scanning technology is the latest in 3D laser scanning and captures extensive detail.


Affordable solution today

Request a large-scale laser scanning service today by calling us or completing our form. Our 3D laser scanning team will guide you to the most suitable solution for your project and requirements.