Measured Building Survey Services

Measured Surveys in Nottingham

What is a measured building survey? It is the most necessary service in 3D Laser Scanning to provide you with all the deliverables and products that you require to succeed.

How can it help?

Complete Scans

Our process is detailed and attentive to ensure all information on an existing building project is captured and documented.

Dedicated Team

Our surveyors have ample time, experience and knowledge from measured building surveys in all varieties of sites, buildings and properties.

Liable Technology

We use FARO Laser Scanners to complete our measured building surveys. Our FARO S70 laser scanners are reliable and reputable.

Light Conditions

We have the ability to survey in limited and zero-light conditions, as well as keep your heritage property or site secure through non-invasive technology.

Measured Surveying in Nottingham

Complete a measured building survey in Nottingham through a 3D Laser Scanning company and receive satisfying results from our trusted surveyors. Allow the possibility of authentic plans and virtual BIM design when receiving the point cloud data of a measured survey.

Choose 3D Laser Scanning for your site

3D Laser Scanning is the significant improvement you need for your building project and site. We provide you with the latest technology to make your life as a professional simpler and more straightforward when obtaining actionable information of your project.


Nottingham Measured Survey will deliver!

Every project starts with a measured building survey service, rely on us to be that starting point to a successful construction site.