Topographical Survey Service

Topographical Surveys

Requesting a topographical survey will allow you to receive documented data of larger areas such as land with buildings, or even restricted areas to complete a project. The reliability and complexity of our topographical survey service is one to be trusted, as we produce excellent products no matter the specification.

How is it useful?

Complete Information

You will receive complete information about your specified area and location in the form of a point cloud, as-built 2D Drawings or 3D BIM Models.

Guaranteed Detailed

We use equipment such as Total Station, GPR and 3D Laser Scanners to complete your topographical survey. Nottingham Measured Survey works with trustworthy brands.

Affordable Quality

Receive an affordable solution with fantastic quality in Nottingham. Our 3D Laser scanning company provides you with exceptional service with the best cost.

No Errors

You are guaranteed to receive deliverables with no mistakes and errors, as we have the knowledge and experience to deliver reliable measurements and data.

Topographical Surveys for building and land projects

Our topographical land survey process is easy. Discuss the requirements and level of detail of the specified area, and trust our laser scanning professionals to attend site with the latest equipment and technology to complete your comprehensive survey scan.

Deliverables available upon survey

Our topographical survey services allow us to complete deliverables such as as-built 2D drawings and 3D BIM Revit Models, so you have access to the information of the scan. Express the level of detail required and our surveyors will work meticulously to capture accurate representation with minimal error.


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Trust Nottingham Measured Survey to complete you topographical service and produce as-built 2D plans and 3D BIM Models of the scanned survey.