How 3D Laser Scanning is influencing industries worldwide

How 3D Laser Scanning is influencing industries worldwide

With the evolution of the digital revolution, several traditional processes across industry sectors are becoming redundant. This is proving to be the case in the engineering industry, with time old tools and processes being recycled for quicker, safer, and more cost-effective methods. One such tool that is becoming an increasingly viable option for spatial scientists, construction workers, and engineers aiming to streamline processes with more efficient operations is 3D laser scanning. In designing and building a project, this technology enables contractors and engineers to cut costs, reduce risks, and speed up operations.

How 3D Laser Scanning changes the world nowadays

The benefits derived from using 3D laser scanning in surveys, including improved efficiency, reduced risks, and lowered costs, greatly influence the world as outlined herein:

  • Instead of using cameras to take virtual images of an object in space, accurate laser scanners are used to capture a highly detailed image of the object. The more advanced technology captures the shapes of physical objects with pinpoint precision and digitally converts them to three-dimensional models, plans, and elevations. The objects can then be duplicated using 3D printers with data captured by the scanner.
  • 3D laser scanners have the ability to capture a rich detail of an entire scene, unlike the previous methods that could only capture individual points at a time. The instrument can record approximately one million points per second, rotating and throwing out minuscule dots that bounce back to measure any form of physical space. In turn, this creates a reality capture of what is there in point cloud form.
  • In heavy construction industries, reality capture technology greatly increases efficiency in operation. The UAVs have been used in capturing vast areas from the air, alongside mobile mapping systems for road inspection and highway maintenance. In heavy construction, reality capture technology offers two significant advantages: completeness – the accuracy of capturing complex sites with different activities taking place. Measurements and data points, which can easily be missed on complex sites, are created into dense point clouds with reality capture. The other advantage is capture speed combined with personnel safety – the speed with which reality capture solutions are put to work in gathering data implies a reduced time for people working in what could be hazardous conditions. The survey teams are thus exposed to less danger with enhanced safety. Reality capture also enhances the visualisation of heavy construction projects, with the projects starting with the point cloud data, which can be transferred into 3D mesh models for efficient collaboration.

Why Choose Nottingham Measured Surveys for 3D laser scanning services?

  • Saves cost: using 3D laser scanning in surveys can save considerable amounts of money for businesses. Project requirements are developed and reviewed off-site, hence drastically reducing follow-up visits to view and record additional data. The eliminated human error enables engineers to work more efficiently without worries of duplication or missed measures.
  • Ensures safety: oftentimes, engineers engage in hazardous work and therefore measures must always be taken to enhance their safety. However, unexpected elements may arise; hence there is always an element of risk while working on the site. Comprehensive 3Dlaser scanning enables engineers to easily identify the vulnerable and unsafe areas, thus reducing onsite injuries and accidents as well as interruptions to a construction schedule. The scanning process is safer than the traditional method because it involves remote capturing of data at a safer distance from any identified site hazards, such as along busy roadways or rail corridors.
  • A Data-rich analysis: the technology allows engineers to check entire project for errors in a very short time than without the technology. Also, significant data may be collected in various ways, including from a distance, on the ground, or even adverse weather conditions. The clients can view the data in a 3D space in the office and have a real view of the site remotely without having to physically visit the site.
  • Long term benefits past design and build: With the development of the project, the data collected through 3D laser scanning can be compared against new drawings for quality assurance. The use of laser scanning throughout the entire process would enable new development to have data recorded for key stages as the project progresses. The capturing and monitoring of information would help after the completion of the construction and during site maintenance.

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