The types of as-built 2D drawings in construction and architecture

The need and rise of as-built 2D drawings

As-built 2D drawings are a set of drawings representing the exact final construction of a building, including all materials, components, dimensions, locations and other details of every element of the building. The drawings are produced by the contractor and subcontractor upon the completion of a building project. They depict the building and all its components as constructed. The as-built drawings help project managers to review any changes made to the specifications during the construction phase of the project. As-built drawings showcases the location, geometry and measurements of the completed work. The drawings are crucial in tracking and recording the changes made on the project at each stage of construction.

Measured Building Surveys to As-built Drawings

Nottingham Measured Survey produces extensive and accurate as-built floor plans, cross-sections, and elevations from measured building surveys. The use advanced 3D laser scanning technology, equipment and software in our measured survey enable us deliver accurate digital representation of the existing buildings and structures. Our specialists will use advanced AutoCAD software to deliver accurate as-built 2D drawings as required.

Why Trust a Measured Building Survey to deliver As-built Drawings?

Our measured building survey company in Nottingham will produce highly accurate and reliable 2D drawings in the format of your choice, i.e., PDF or DWG. Rely on our years of experience and expertise for high quality results, such as floor plans, site plans, roof plans, section plans, and internal and external elevations.

What As-built Drawings will you receive?

Floor plans

Technical floor plans provide specific details and dimensions displaying the relationships between rooms and other spaces in an architectural or building engineering project. Floor plans are drawn to scale and commonly show only one level of a structure per drawing.

External elevations

For a building, external elevations are represented by the orthographic projection of a building in a 2D plan. The elevation drawings may be prepared to show information about features such as:

  • Porch and columns
  • Gutter position
  • Walls
  • Steps
  • Doors and windows position


Cross-sections provide the view of the building as though it was cut vertically to represent the internal space. The detail provided will show the wall and roof faming details, structural floors and ceilings, windows as well as datum line. Cross-sections help professionals, builders, designers and architects to understand the interior and exterior construction details.

Internal elevations

Use external elevation to see how a building looks from the inside with all its architectural elements, including:

  • Light fixtures and plug sockets
  • Beam heights and widths
  • Door frames and widths
  • Window measurements and still heights from the ground
  • Patterns on walls/windows

Site plans

A site plan, also known as a plot plan, is a drawing displaying the layout of a property or a “site”. The plan usually entails the location of buildings as well as outdoor features such as walkways and driveways.

Roof plans

A roof plan includes the dimensions of the roof, detailing the design of the roof, its shape and size, and the material placement – vents, drains, valleys, slopes, and more. A roof plan is very important in planning for a new roof construction or repairs and renovations of an existing building.

Why Choose Nottingham Measured Survey?

Speed, accuracy, cost-effective service, and expertise enable our measured building survey professionals deliver high quality roof plans, floor plans, site plans, cross-sections, internal and external elevations.

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